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Resolving construction litigation issues as quickly and economically as possible is key to an organization’s profitability. Unfortunately, the complex nature of construction disputes makes swift resolution a significant challenge. The construction litigation attorneys at Jason May Law are committed to finding solutions to your company’s legal concerns. Our attorneys work hard to identify all viable strategies leading to case success.

We help you gain the upper hand in construction disputes

When facing a complex construction litigation issue, it is important to approach the situation on solid footing, with the guidance of a results-oriented attorney. Our knowledge of state and federal construction laws allows us to address even the most complex litigation concerns, including:

  • Breach of contract. The construction industry relies heavily upon contractual relationships. Unfortunately, parties to a contract do not always adhere to the terms of the agreement. Our Indiana construction litigation lawyers aggressively pursue favorable resolutions to breach of contract disputes stemming from missed deadlines, overblown budgets and many other factors.
  • Collections. While it is certainly possible to collect upon a debt by placing a mechanic’s lien on a property, that process can be lengthy and costly. Our construction collections services are designed to help you recover the amount you are due without the need for a lien. Through assertive negotiation or aggressive litigation, we pursue the funds you are entitled to.
  • Construction bond claims. Recovering payment for construction projects involving local, state or federal funding can be a difficult process. Our attorneys offer the comprehensive guidance you need to understand the construction bond claims process in an effort to help you recover the payment you are due.
  • Mechanic’s liens and material man’s liens. Recovering payment for services rendered to an uncooperative property owner can be difficult. Filing a mechanic’s lien, or material man’s lien, may be a viable option for prompting your customer to offer payment. We work closely with you to traverse the mechanic’s lien filing process and explore all available strategies for recovering payments due.
  • Public bidding. Disputes arising from public works projects can dramatically affect your company’s bottom line. Our construction litigation attorneys aggressively pursue resolutions to public bidding disputes relating to a wide range of factors, including joint ventures, stop notices, subcontractor delays and more.

Whatever your concerns, our attorneys provide dependable guidance for all your construction litigation and ongoing business legal needs.

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