Indianapolis Estate Planning Attorneys Provide Unique Solutions to Meet Your Individual Goals

Personalized guidance to protect your hard-earned assets

Ensuring your loved ones benefit from your hard work after your passing is an invaluable gift. Unfortunately, understanding the complexities of Indiana estate planning laws can be difficult. At Jason May Law, our estate planning attorneys are committed to providing the detailed, personal guidance and insight necessary to address your estate planning concerns with confidence.

No estate planning matter is too big or too small for us to handle

Our Indianapolis estate planning attorneys have the skill and experience to address a wide range of estate planning issues, including:

  • Wills  The creation of a will is vital to the protection of your assets and your loved ones’ future. We work closely with you to identify your wishes and viable asset protection strategies and incorporate them into a comprehensive, effective will.
  • Changing your will  As life changes, so too may your wishes. Unfortunately, altering your will may not be as simple as rewriting a few sentences. With our knowledgeable staff at your side, altering your will is easy.
  • Living trusts  The creation of a living trust is a smart way to distribute assets to loved ones during, and after, your life. We create the most effective living trusts for your unique situation.
  • Estate taxes  Preserving assets to benefit loved ones is essential to any estate planning effort. Our attorneys are highly experienced with estate tax planning strategies, allowing us to explore every option available to protect your assets.
  • Living wills  While it is never easy to contemplate passing, clearly conveying your wishes regarding end-of-life healthcare eliminates uncertainty.
  • Powers of attorney  Naming a loved one as your power of attorney gives a person of your choosing the legal authority to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf.

Whatever your unique estate planning needs may be, we help you understand applicable laws and interpret them to your specific situation.

The importance of wills and trusts

It is a myth that only wealthy people need a will or trust. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Estate planning is important if you:

  • Wish to protect property and assets
  • Are the parent of a minor child
  • Are passionate about a charity or charitable giving
  • Are the guardian of a dependent adult
  • Are concerned about a loved one’s finances
  • Own a home
  • Want peace of mind knowing your estate is protected through unforeseen circumstances

If you meet any of these criteria, we can help, whether we draft a last will and testament or set up a trust to protect your assets now and in the future. Our attorneys are well established and highly responsive to your estate planning needs.

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